1.1) How to use the Verb TO BE!

In this lesson, you are going to learn how to use the Verb TO BE in the Simple Present.

You can use the Verb TO BE to:

  • To say who you are and to introduce yourself and others.
  • To ask and tell the age of people, animals, places and things;
  • To describe people, places and things;
  • To tell the nationality of a person, an object or a famous monument.
  • To ask or tell about a person job, profession or occupation.
  • With adjectives. To describe appearance and feelings.
  • With demonstrative pronouns.
  • To talk about feelings, marital status, names and many other things.
  • To ask, tell and talk about time.
  • To talk about the weather.
  • To talk about places;
  • To greet people;
  • To apologize;
  • To describe things;


How to use the Verb TO BE!
How to use the Verb TO BE (PPSX)
Verb TO BE - Explanation and Activities (PDF)