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Strike while the iron is hot

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Strike while the iron is hot
Meaning: Seize the opportunity! When we have the chance to do something, we should do it immediately. Otherwise it will be too late.
Note: strike (verb) = hit very hard and deliberately | iron (noun) = a strong, hard, grey metal.
Origin: This saying refers to the blacksmith who works with iron. First he heats the iron until it is red hot and soft. Then he immediately hits the iron with his hammer to change its shape. If he waits, the iron becomes cold and hard again, and he cannot shape it.
Prov. When you have an opportunity to do something, do it before you lose your chance. This is the best time in the last ten years to buy a house. Strike while the iron is hot. Ask Lisa for a favor now, while she's in a good mood. Strike while the iron is hot.
To do something immediately while you have a good chance of achieving success. You may not get a better offer - I'd strike while the iron's hot, if I were you. You can also say, “hit the right note”.
Take action immediately in order to have a better chance of success. When you have a customer on the phone, strike while the iron is hot by offering special discounts on certain items.
Act quickly while the opportunity is still available. Blacksmiths working iron by hand heat the iron in a fire to red-hot making it malleable. The Smith removes the iron from the fire and shapes it with blows from a hammer. They need to work quickly before the iron cools. Once the iron is cool, it becomes brittle and the opportunity to hammer it into shape has passed. If you want the job, you need to strike while the iron is hot.
Hit pay dirt
1. Fig. to discover something of value. (Alludes to discovering valuable ore.) Sally tried a number of different jobs until she hit pay dirt. I tried to borrow money from a lot of different people. They all said no. Then when I went to the bank, I hit pay dirt.
2. Fig. to get great riches. After years of poverty, the writer hit pay dirt with his third novel. Jane's doing well. She really hit pay dirt with her new business.
hit/strike pay dirt (American & Australian)
To achieve or discover something important or valuable. She finally hit pay dirt with her third novel which quickly became a best seller.
hit pay dirt also strike pay dirt
To succeed. He hit pay dirt with his next movie, which grossed $270 million worldwide.
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