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Things I learned as a Teacher

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  • Each child is the most important person in the world to someone.
  • Treat the students with the respect you have for colleagues (…kids grow up and become your peers).
  • Never take your focus from class management.
  • Be fair.
  • Be prepared.
  • Do not joke or tease in a way which you are on the level of the children.
  • If something can possible happen, it will at sometime in your career, be always aware of safety hazards.
  • Always be aware of good things to say to children, be sincere.
  • Do not shout, the more you yell, the louder the class will get. A whisper will get more attention.
  • Be prepared, be prepared, and be prepared.
  • Take notes.
  • Be consistent, follow through, no empty threats.
  • Recognize and celebrate the talents of each student.
  • Square peg, round hole. The reason it doesn’t fit is because you are putting the peg in the wrong hole. The same for students.
  • Think of situations where you learned and retained information. Teach accordingly.
  • There are many learning styles.
  • Learning is enhanced by experience. Lecturing is the lowest form of learning. Involve, experience. Use all senses.
  • Smile, have compassion.
  • Emphasize strengths.
  • Encourage cooperative skills. Real life skills.
  • Lessons should have a goal, when learning to write a letter, make it a letter you mail, not just mark.
  • Assign project oriented assignments.
  • Less paper, more thinking and inquiry. Accentuate experience.
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