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Wagner Junior has become a teacher of English, Spanish and Portuguese because of his curiosity in how the word works and his desire to give others the freedom to communicate it. Therefore, the key aspect of his teaching style in several schools in Rio de Janeiro consists of student-centered learning. It aims to engage students in a fun and cooperative learning environment by providing lessons that promote student thinking and positive social interactions with peers. In their language courses, students receive practice through writing, reading, speaking, listening and grammar.

Wagner Junior proposed a social media innovation for e-learning in the language approach - an online learning environment where structured discussion and collaboration takes place around issues and ideas generated by students. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with other teachers and has also developed a series of video lessons, online exercises, PDF exercises and PowerPoint presentations for educators and students.

This site is a virtual group for the dissemination of interactive material and first quality. Teachers who like to share activities are welcome.

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